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Experience a new sense of wonder on a Botswana safari

Botswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safari
Botswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safari

Experience a new sense of wonder on a Botswana safari

If you are an African first timer, nothing can truly prepare you for the emotional impact of standing in the Botswana wilderness, face to face with its stunning wildlife. If you have been fortunate enough to have visited Botswana before then you will find that your return will deliver a new sense of wonder.

A safari to Botswana will leave you breathless. Unlike other countries in Africa, Botswana has been able to manage a fine balance between development and preservation to ultimate perfection and have a real focus on high quality and less density, which means that the traveller is rewarded with quiet spots and wildlife at its finest. But what you may expect is that you may have to give up on a few comforts; however this is not the case at all as Botswana has some of the most luxurious lodges and safari camps throughout the entire continent that cater for your every whim.  This does however make going on safari to Botswana expensive but don't let that put you off as Botswana has wilderness and wildlife experiences that are second to none.

The beauty of a safari to Botswana is that there is so much variety, you can fly, drive, walk, and glide past rhinos in a canoe, horse ride through the Okavango Delta or ride an elephant past a herd of gazelles. Botswana has so much to offer each and every single visitor who makes the trip to this iconic country.

One of the most incredible sites that you could witness in Botswana is the flamingo migration. They migrate to the country to breed in the Magadikgadi Salt Pans. Another site which will capture your imagination and pull on your heart strings is a river safari along the Okavango Delta. You will be nothing but amazed at just how close you get to the wildlife on the river as you glide silently toward god's finest creatures.

Botswana faces extremities of weather – it has a hot and wet summer and a cooler and dry winter, the summer months last from October until May but it is during this time that Botswana receives heavy downfalls of rain. The wildlife head for higher ground and shelter, whilst you do the same as not only does the rainfall come down quite severely so too does the humidity. The winter months last from May until September and are traditionally the high season with regards to price and the quantity of visitors. The weather is rather difficult to predict at times but as a rough guide I would advise visiting The Okavango Delta between May and November and the Kalahari Between January and March.

As with any location the best time of year commands the top prices, it is possible to save though if you are willing to take your safari to Botswana outside of these times and risk the odd downpour or that you may not see as much wildlife as you had hoped. But this does mean that you will have the place to yourself and the weather may be glorious.

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Botswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safariBotswana safari