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Botswana Tourism: Amazing Touring Option Towards Nature


Botswana Tourism: Amazing Touring Option Towards Nature

Botswana is one of the famous countries which are located at the southern part of Africa. This is a landlocked country which is bordered by Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. Nowadays days it has a huge population over 1.85 million people. This place is highly demanded among the tourists due to its rich cultural diversity and serene natural attraction. It is a peaceful and friendly country which always attracts huge number of tourists through its various tourist attractions. So if you are completely unknown about this country bands its life style then don't worries the locales are truly friendly here and where you reach here you will feel like a local person.

The principal attractions of Botswana tourism are basically the game reserves and game parks. The central Kalahari national park is one of the largest wildlife areas of this country which is also renowned as the second largest national park in all over the world. Mostly it covers 52,800 sq km of land area. Here you will see huge kind of endangered species i.e. cheetah, wild dog, brown hyena, leopard, giraffe, blue wild beest, eland and warthog etc.

Chobe National Park is another famous national park of this country which is also known as second largest park of this country. This national park contains the highest game concentration as compared to all other parks. Another renowned Kgalagardi Trans Frontier Park is situated on the border of Botswana and South Africa. This area basically comprises the fusion of two national park namely Botswana Kalahari Gemsbok national park and South Africa Gemsbok national park. The total area of this wildlife area is spread up to 38000 sq km.

This country Botswana is highly famed due to its largest population of elephants in Africa. The world famous Okavango Delta is another attraction of this country which contains beautiful lakes, islands and waterways that are looking more attractive during the rainy days. Due to huge development in the tourism sector this country receives heavy income from the tourism sector only. However, the tourism sector of this country is still one step behind due to some kind of challenges like poor hygiene standard, poor infrastructure, poor communication, lack of some of the modern technology etc. But the Government of this country has taken some major steps to reduce this kind of lacking. Some of the challenges are fulfilled nowadays and some are still in demand.

So plan a trip towards this country where you will experience some of the magnificent tourist attractions. Simply book your trip towards this country because if you don't visit here then you can't realize its uniqueness and specialty of Botswana Tourism.

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