The best ways to pack your bags for any trip

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pack bags - trippack bags - trip


The best ways to pack your bags for any trip

If you have a different method for packing your bags when it comes to different trips (not referring to clothing for seasons), then you’re making a lot of hard work for yourself. There are some standard tips for packing your bags that can be tailored to any trip you plan to go on.

Then it’s simply a matter of making the packing list once and following it every time. If you have a trip planned, it’s time to start looking for suitcases for sale (if you don’t have an amazing luggage set already) and put these packing tips into practice.


Plan your outfits with interchangeable items

So, you know how you say to yourself “I’m there for four days and three nights which means I need an outfit for every day plus an extra one for the plane, and maybe a spare one for just in case. Oh, and I’ll have to bring these three extra pairs of jeans for if it gets cold”… no.

You lay out your outfits for each day, then you start mixing and matching them together to eliminate any extra clothing items. The best way to pack for a trip is to not fill your bag with your entire wardrobe or any “just in case” items. You should be working with interchangeable items. Jeans can be worn more than twice and alternated with one other bottom. Tops are exceptions to the rule, especially if you’re visiting a hot and humid place.

Other than that, everything else should have a wear-more-than-once purpose. That way you’ll open up space for the rest of your travel items as well as the opportunity to buy new things from wherever you’re going and not need to pack or buy an extra bag for that reason.


Make the most of suitcase space

Now, you’ve already functionally limited your clothing, but you can still afford to make the most of your suitcase space for everything else. A great space-saving way to pack clothing is by rolling them up instead of folding them. Not only is it more efficient but it helps with items that, otherwise, crease easily.

Then when it comes to fitting in hair dryers, for example, the best thing to do is first find out from your accommodation place whether they have those hair appliances for you to use, and then packing in a compactable travel dryer if you really need to. There’s no need to guess and unnecessarily pack it in anyway when you can just call and ask.


Limit your shoes

Shoes are heavy and take up more space than we’d like. And no, a separate luggage case for shoes is no the answer. Try your best to stick to the three-shoe rule when packing your bags. An everyday-wear comfortable pair, a pair of sneakers and one pair of formal shoes. Coordinate those with the interchangeable clothing items you’re bringing and you’re sorted.

Wear your heaviest or biggest shoes on the plane and, to make even more space, stuff socks, underwear or little toiletry bottles in the shoes that are in the suitcase. You honestly won’t need more shoes than that and you’re on holiday. No-one is going to be judging you on your shoe choice.


You don’t need all the things

We’ve mentioned not to pack a hair dryer if there’s going to be one available where you’re going. But not packing “all of the things” applies to more than that. What are the chances you’re going to read through three thick books on your week-long holiday where you’re likely going to be out sightseeing most of the time? Bring one book and, if possible, bring it as a PDF or digital version on your phone or tablet so it doesn’t take up extra space or add any weight.

And when it comes to toiletries, don’t pretend now that you have a way more intricate beauty routine than you do at home. Bring the essentials and not the whole bottles. There’s a reason why they make travel-size bottles to decant your products into. And keep in mind that your accommodation will likely offer some amenities as well.

Limit yourself to the essentials, just enough of everything and if you leave something behind or run out, you can always buy when you get to the other side. As long as you have your wallet, your passport and your toothbrush, you’re good.


Keep it safe

The last tip for your bag-packing is to make sure it all stays safe. Padlocks alone aren’t enough anymore and don’t stop people from hijacking the zip and rummaging inside. Have your luggage wrapped at the airport and kept in the boot of the car, out of sight. Don’t forget to put something unique and recognisable on the handle to easily identify it off the luggage belt and not risk it being mistaken as someone else's.

Then, when you get to the hotel, unpack everything and put your store suitcase away, you’re going to need it when you pack everything up again to come home.

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