Why you should go on safari for your honeymoon

honeymoon safarihoneymoon safari
honeymoon safarihoneymoon safari


Why you should go on safari for your honeymoon

Honeymoons are there to be a unique getaway experience with your spouse. A few things that need to be considered are experiences and activities that both of you would enjoy, your honeymoon budget, countries you’ve never been to and the goal of your honeymoon trip (relax, sightseeing or a combination of both, for example).

Now, the decision process involved in choosing a honeymoon destination and experience can be quite challenging because there are so many options out there. But something unique, relaxing and offering a little bit of everything, are African safaris. Here are all the reasons why an African safari is what you should do for your once in a lifetime honeymoon. Or at least for one of your milestone anniversaries.


The beauty of nature

The beauty of Africa cannot be understated by any photograph or African experience. And the best way to experience all that nature in Africa has to offer is by going on safari. African sunrises and sunsets will be on the cards every single day and that, in itself, is romantic beyond comprehension (honestly, you’ve never experienced the perfect sunset until you’ve witnessed one in Africa). Oh, and the stars in the night sky in the middle of the bush, away from the distraction of city lights and pollution, make for the best sleep-outside-counting-the-stars evenings.  

Now, add the African acacia and indigenous trees, mountains, water features and wildlife to the beautiful sky. It’s absolutely breathtaking without even trying. The beauty of nature found on safari is one great way to celebrate the beauty of your relationship and, more importantly, the start of your marriage.


Luxury is on the cards

Many people have the misconception of safaris being a sub-par accommodation and entertainment activity. But that’s simply not true. Take a look at the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, for example. There are a variety of accommodation options available, which include luxury lodges and tents with personal decks to see the best views every morning and evening.

  If that isn’t luxurious enough, there are African safaris which offer unique facilities such as spa treatments in the bush itself, a bath on-deck overlooking the wildlife that walks passed your lodge (talk about romantic and luxurious honeymoon activities) and different safari tour options that beat the normal tour-bus-and-guide trip around the reserve.

Moremi Game Reserve, to use as an example again, offers 4x4 night safari drives, walking safari trails and tours, as well as Mokoro safaris. Mokoros are traditional dugout canoes that can be used to travel along the Moremi crossing in the Okavango Delta. Not your usual safari tour by any means.

Then there are the added extras of romantic picnic sets that can be set up for honeymooners along their privately toured safari. Luxury is definitely on the cards for a safari honeymoon.


A little bit of everything

By a little bit of everything, we mean that safari honeymoons offer more than just romance and spotting wildlife. Most we’ve already mentioned, but it won't hurt to say it again (you know, just to cement this amazing honeymoon idea into your mind).

So, a safari offers African wildlife in a practically untouched environment. The safari tour itself is an adrenaline-filled experience when you quietly and excitedly (at the same time) watch a predator stalk and capture its prey. Then there’s also adrenaline to be found in the surrounding activities of hot air balloon tours and helicopter flights over game reserve. After the adrenaline rush, you can relax (as one might at the beach) by the game lodges pool, on your private lodge deck or at the spa.

So, that’s adventure and new experiences crossed off the list. What else can one expect from a safari? Well, how about cultural tours and experiences? Many couples choose a honeymoon destination with the motivation to experience new cultures. And that’s something that can be found on safari as well. Many reserves serve cultural-specific meals and, referring back to Moremi Reserve, something like a Mokoro is a taste of Botswana traditions.

Like we said, safaris offer a little bit of everything, which not many other honeymoon places can.


Privacy, quiet and quality time

Luxury African safaris are the best at offering privacy, quiet and quality time. The amount of land that game reserves cover, allows for personalised and spaced out accommodation options. This means, after a day of game drives, you and your spouse can retreat to your glamping tent or fully kitted-out cabin and enjoy each other's company without the distractions of other people.

It’s just you, your spouse, the beautiful sky and the herd of elephants, giraffes or zebras passing by. What honeymoon bliss!

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