Tips for new Kalahari campers

Kalahari campersKalahari campers
Kalahari campersKalahari campers


Tips for new Kalahari campers

For the outdoor, nature-loving soul, a trip up to Botswana is an unforgettable wildlife experience. As you can imagine, camping out in the open is fueled by adrenaline. It’s wild, it’s thrilling and it’s soul-soothing.

However, the ‘take it as it comes’ attitude is not the kind you’ll need for this adventure. Travellers need to plan ahead to avoid dangerous hiccups. When you’re out, camping in the open, you do not have electricity or water. You’ll have to bring your own goodies to cook and wash with, and to drink. You’ll be galavanting around in your 4x4 vehicle most of the time, so be sure to have enough fuel to last you the length of your trip. There are no shops around, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

Many people choose camping over game parks because of the wildlife experience. Of course, the luxury is part of the experience at any local game park, but with camping, you’re able to become one with nature. Say goodbye to internet and cell phone coverage and enjoy the scenery that nature has to offer: vast blue skies and open, inviting campsites. Here are a few tips for camping in the Kalahari:


  • Don’t forget to do your homework

These trips require thorough research and insights to help make the experience all the more memorable. Start reading blog articles and social media posts about people who have experienced sightings in specific areas. Apart from the wildlife animals, there are many birds to view and photograph. Depending on your reasoning, makes sure that you have the knowledge you need to take your trip to new heights.  


  • Plan ahead to be as self-sufficient as possible

This type of camping experience is highly recommended for people who enjoy camping, are well-equipped and know the ins and outs of camping with no electricity and no signal. If this is you, make sure that you have extra supplies in case of an emergency. From water and food to firewood, fuel and more, you need to plan ahead to ensure you have everything you need.

Along with being self-sufficient is having the right car. You cannot possibly enter such an adventure without a 4x4 vehicle. You’ll need to rely on your vehicle to take you into the bush and back with ease.

The best time to go is in January through to April. Why? This is usually the end of the rainy season and the beginning of fresh new grass. This means that the animals will be out in full-force, grazing and looking for things to eat. If you don’t go during this time, be careful with the roads as they could be muddy. Travellers are advised to drive in convoy if you are accompanied by other friends and family.


  • Make sure you’re safe and alert

Remember that at a camp in the Kalahari, you are not protected by any fencing. Your campsite area is open to any predator, so be careful and be aware. You will quickly understand that you’re in their territory, so safety precautions are essential when exploring these game reserves. Do not sleep with your tent open, as this does not only invite bigger animals but also the smaller, dangerous ones like scorpions and snakes. Also, keep all belongings in your vehicle to avoid unwanted company.

Another tip is to be observant but appreciative at the same time. Instead of roaming around for animals, simply enjoy the view and be patient. You’ll be surprised at how quickly something will pop up.


  • Keep cool and hydrated

In the middle of the Kalahari, it is warm. More like scorching hot. Make sure that you’ve packed cooler clothes and that you keep hydrated at all times. This weather could also affect sensitive skin, so keep your lips moist and protected from the sun, as well as your body.


  • Think ahead with your movements

Once you’re settled in nature for a few days, you’ll be surprised how quickly your body adapts to the new environment. Be alert and ready for every animal’s next move. Do not take risks, as that could lead to a dangerous encounter. The same goes for picnic areas or walking spots. Make sure you inspect the area before sitting down or walking through. You may just get an unpleasant surprise from a snake.


  • Take photos and enjoy the moment

After all, a trip to Botswana is a soul cleansing experience. If you have access to a camera, take it along and snap as many shots as possible. This may be a once in a lifetime experience, and if you don’t make the most of it, you’ll forget the most important parts. Do your research, keep an eye on social media beforehand to get a glimpse of past experiences, and, more importantly, enjoy. Don’t let the difficulties frighten you. Just be prepared for any challenge and keep an open mind.


Kalahari campers