6 reasons why outdoor activities are good for you

outdoor activitiesoutdoor activities
outdoor activitiesoutdoor activities


6 reasons why outdoor activities are good for you

We’re living in the 21st century where technological breakthroughs are taking over. However, everyone would agree it has its pros and cons. Mobile phones, computers and internet have made everyone’s lives better. But it’s undeniable that all these new-tech devices have caused a few other activities to be pushed aside. If you walk around the streets, you’ll notice that the majority of the people are on their smartphones. It’s almost like these gadgets have alienated people from each other.

The good thing about these latest gadgets is that people get so used to them, they end up encouraging themselves to take a break from them or go on a social media detox. Which means they’ll keep their hands, eyes and ears away from technological devices and switch their focus to other things. One activity people who go through a detox love doing is exploring the great outdoors. People go out in nature with the idea of not being interrupted by a text message or phone call.

You can either explore nature by going on an African safari tour or by going on a hike, there are many options. Here are a few reasons why spending time in the outdoors is good for you.


What are the personal benefits?


Physical benefits

It doesn’t matter what type of outdoor activity you do, it’ll entail some form of physical movement. Whether it’s running up a mountain, playing a sport or just going for a walk to the park, every activity will encourage physical exercise, which is good to improve one’s well-being. A walk in the morning before a busy day is a great idea. Not only will you up your physical game but also catch some vitamin D from the sunlight. You can make this a family activity and engage in simple games as they can develop physical agility and proper body coordination.


It’s good mental exercise

While camping, hiking, backpacking or running up a mountain, your physical body parts aren’t the only things being exercised. Even your mind can benefit a lot from these physical activities. When out in nature, you can clear your head and switch off from the rest of the world. And when using a map to find your way through a particular area, it encourages a healthy mindset. So, while you explore the great outdoors, your mind is free to explore your thoughts.


Personality development

We’re living in a fast-paced world and it can wear a person down. Exploring the outdoors, on the other hand, will allow you to free your mind from the stresses and demands of your busy life. You should consider going away for a weekend and spend time at a camping site. It’ll encourage your sense of adventure. Your mind will also be taken away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle. You’re likely to develop your self-confidence and creativity by making things around you interesting.


How will it benefit your work environment?


Improved behaviour

When spending time outdoors, you’re likely to explore it with a group. Hiking up a mountain, camping or doing a sport-related activity will require you to work in a team. Many companies also promote outdoor team building as it can motivate employees. As you come in contact with other people, specific behaviour can be developed. It’s important to learn how to act in front of a large crowd or work together with a team. These are some of the things that can be developed when you engage in activities that require you to work with others. Problem-solving techniques, cooperation, teamwork and the values of sharing are some of the things that are learned.


Better social skills

Many might not think about this but the outdoors is a great place to develop one’s social skills. Becoming involved in these different outdoor activities will allow you to meet new people and interact with them. You should do stress-relieving activities with other people to break away from your busy life. You’ll be allowed to bond with them and develop a strong sense of community. The outdoors will improve your overall social skills. After all this, you’re likely to approach coworkers in a calm manner.


Increased work productivity

If you engage yourself in regular outdoor activities, you’re likely to be more relaxed while active at the same time. You’ll react better in stressful situations and also exhibit high productivity. Waking up a few minutes earlier in the morning to go for a walk will make you feel fresh and productive for the rest of the day. And a short walk before dinner once or twice a week won’t do any harm.


The new technological lifestyle might have taken over but there’ll always come a time when it’ll wear everyone down. Therefore it’s important to maintain a particular balance of keeping in touch with the real world. You should explore the great outdoors as it certainly presents a wonderful opportunity.


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